IMG_3124Who am I, what am I doing and why do I think you should care?  My name is Michael Jones and I am a bit of a renaissance-man wanna-be.  I am a physician board-certified in Family Medicine as well as Obesity Medicine.  I have an MBA from George Washington University and am now ploddingly doing seminary work with a focus on Church & State studies.  Why?  First, because I enjoy reading, studying, learning, teaching…  Second, I don’t think I’ve quite decided what I want to do when I grow up.

Why should you care?!  Honestly, you shouldn’t.  That said, I hope you do anyway.  While my blog will cover a range of topics focused on these interests (and I’m hoping there will be perhaps 2 or 3 others who too find them of interest), I intend in particular to help scratch an itch that many (about 2/3 of Americans) know intimately and most of whom would like some answers.  That topic: OVERWEIGHT & OBESITY!  There are some answers many of which I guarantee you will find at least interesting and in many cases surprising, if not down-right shocking.

Given the eclectic nature of my blog, I will endeavor to apply appropriate tags and learn to organize in such a way as to make it easier to find what interests you.  For now, just select a topic on the bar above. I hope you’ll join me, stay tuned, interact with the posts and share with your friends.


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