“I used to be able to eat how ever I wanted!”

Have you asked yourself this question?  Declining health and/or obesity at 30 is NOT primarily a result of the “Freshman 15” or having “slowed down” in your 20’s. Admittedly,  post below is a rather exaggerated case, however the point should not be missed. Good (or bad) health at middle-age and beyond is a direct result of the lifestyle/eating habits that are taught (and modeled) from birth to 15 more than any other factor.  It is during these years that you are quite literally training your body and brain as to how it should allocate the energy resources you provide to it.

See Doctor Jonathan’s discussion


3 comments on ““I used to be able to eat how ever I wanted!”

  1. Thank you for sharing the concept this post discusses. I would be interested in better understanding your conclusion that this post “exaggerates” reality. I mentioned using the flow chart that this compares “traditional” from “non traditional.” I am unclear where either chart demonstrates any deviation from these terms. I welcome dialogue and discussion to make certain the content is not misperceived as some exaggeration.


    • Auditus Dei says:

      My apologies. Perhaps “exaggerated” was not the best term. I simply meant that the comparison between those particular kids is not necessarily typical. Maybe “hyperbolic” to good effect would have been better. It does indeed instigate an important discussion.

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      • Thank you for your response. Please feel free to add your voice anytime (dissenting or agreeing.) The goal is to create open constructive dialogue to help expose everyone to the various perspectives that exist. I appreciate your comments and respect their intent.


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