Response to Headline: Franklin Graham Warns Christians To Keep Gays Away From Their Kids And Churches

imageIn the interest of full disclosure here at the outset, I did not read this story, just the headline, but truly hope Franklin is not saying what it seems on the surface. I did not take the time to read it because my concern relates specifically to the message Christians are, and have long been, sending with such headlines. Those aimed at, and their sympathizers, are likely not reading the content of the story either. Granted engaging the LGBTs is unsavory and possibly dangerous but any more so than many missions we as Christians are called to (Mat 28:19-20)? Did not Jesus come to “seek and save” the lost (Luke 19:10)? Should we not be willing to put ourselves in harms way, when necessary, for the cause of Christ and his kingdom (Mark 2:13-17)? Are these sinners any less image-bearers than the rest of us. Is their lifestyle any more a transgression of the law and an abomination in the sight of God than a heterosexual couple that is “shacking-up” (1Cor 6:9-11)? How much damage are we doing to the spread of the gospel among those most resistant and hardened if our headlines (even if misrepresenting the content) propagate the atrocity of representing Christ as a hater of sinners rather than the friend of sinners (Luke 7:34)? of which many “Christians” have long been guilty. What a fearful, hope-depriving state we are all in if the sin of the individual can be shown biblically to be beyond the grace and mercy of our Savior. Is it not God’s prerogative, not ours, to determine who is to be given over to his/her own sin (Rom 1:28). Praise be to God that he is not powerless to save the worst sinner and has decreed to do so (John 3:16, John 1:7, Rom 8:1). It remains our lot not to presume to know the heart of a person (Jer 17:10, Acts 15:8) but rather to plant the seed and wait on God for the increase (1Cor 3:6-7)! It is also clear that those who remain unrepentant and outside of Christ are and will be condemned (John 3:18-19) but that judgement is God’s (Rom 12:19), not ours. Believer, take care! Let us not unwittingly “stiff arm” those who may be as yet hidden trophies of God’s saving grace (Eph 2:4-7).

Source: Franklin Graham Warns Christians To Keep Gays Away From Their Kids And Churches