Uncommon Sense

Do yourself a favor. Close you eyes and contemplate the amazing reality that God condescended (stooped low) in His Son and in so doing elevated mankind to a height it has utterly no right to even conceive that those in Christ might, by God’s grace alone, be given the means by which we are to be justly and righteously reconciled to our estranged Creator. Then, read the following excerpt by Fairbairn. Do you FEEL the weight of this? Can you imagine anything more significant in this life? If this is unclear then beg God, on your face, to give you comprehension of this truth. God, help us to see!

“It is impossible, surely, to contemplate the God-man as the head of restored humanity, and the pattern after which all believers shall be formed, without feeling constrained to say, not only how admirable is the arrangement, but also how amazing the condescension! How wonderful, that the Most High should thus accommodate Himself to man’s nature and necessities! And how wonderful, on the other hand, that He should elevate this nature into such near and personal union with Himself, and, for the sake of establishing a fit medium of communication and intercourse between the creature and the Creator, should make it His own eternal habitation and instrument of working! It is this pre-eminently which crowns our nature with dignity and honour, and tells to what a peerless height our humanity is destined.”

–Excerpted from Typology of Scripture by Patrick Fairbairn